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  Online appendix

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Working papers

Optimal Monetary Policies in a Heterogeneous World  
    with James Bullard ,  Riccardo DiCecio,   Aarti Singh.
    revision requested at the IMF Economic Review

The Dangers of Macro-prudential Policy Experiments: Initial Beliefs under Adaptive Learning  
    with Patrick Pintus ,  Burak Turgut
    revision requested at the Macroeconomic Dynamics
    GRAPE Working Paper 49/2021.

Heterogeneity in labor market response to monetary policy: small versus large firms  (new version: November 2023)
    with Aarti Singh,  Anastasia Zervou
    NBP Working Paper 355/2022,     SSRN link,     submitted

Business Cycles and On the Job Search  with Marek Antosiewicz. 
    IBS Working Paper 7/2016.

Work in progress

Estimating financial frictions under learning   with Patrick Pintus ,  Burak Turgut